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Share with Your Friends, Family & Co-Workers! After all... its Your Adventure! Plus Get FREE Prizes and Upgrades!

You Deserve… to Decompress & Refresh... and have a BLAST!

You are here or coming here to the Caribbean because you want to decompress from your normal world. We provide your decompression! You have the opportunity to decompress and move past your worries back home and have a BLAST while on your vacation. Book now!

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Safety First
No doubt nothing is more vital than safety. All our boats are Coast-Guard Certified and checked daily for any needed upgrades or engagements. We pride ourselves on maintaining the latest and most cutting-edge equipment and vessels

All Day Fun
When you choose to fly with Bluereef Watersports you are sure to experience not simply an exciting adventure but we will ensure it’s the best vacation day. In fact we're so confident that if it’s not the best activity your done, we will refund you 100%

Best Location
Because of our 24 years of experience in the Parasailing Industry and our wonderful relationships with other Fun-Activity providers, hotel resorts and more, we have arranged the very best locations to pick-up you and your crew. Call now to book!

ALL Our Captains are Coast-Guard Certified

Not a know it all, not a control freak; however i simply have a gift to think big and further than most, with ability to differentiate opportunity, the good, the bad, the ugly… mannerism learned from the best early in life from the very best in family. Exceptionally good at recognizing both my strengths and weaknesses; capitalizing on my strengths, searching and finding those who help me make up my weaknesses. Very difficult time slowing down my brain at the end of the day,,,,, problems looking way too far into the simplest of things,,,, which both usually effect my relationships in life, both personal and business.
Quinn KightMaster Captain, Chief of Guest Happiness
When you call for information or a reservation in the Virgin Islands operation, it’s likely you’ll speak to Shantia! With 6 years of parasail specific office management you can be confident she’ll answered all of your questions with the utmost care and attention to detail. Shantia will make certain that when you book with us, you are booking with confidence. And this just in! Shantia and Captain Tom just got engaged!
Shantia PhillipsOffice Manager St Thomas US, Virgin Islands
Captain Mike Tarantino has been parasailing for 17 years, 14 years of which as an owner of multiple locations in the US. As a captain he operated a parasail boat on St. Thomas from 1999-2005. In addition to holding a 100 ton USCG captains licenses he also holds a BS degree in psychology, worked in the Biotech industry in Cambridge Ma and is a proud father of 3
Captain Mike TarantinoGeneral Manager - St Thomas, USVI
Captain Tom Brown is a 100 Ton US Coast Guard Master Captain since 1985 and has been piloting Parasailing boats in the Caribbean and around the United States since 1991. Among other exploits Captain Tom utilizes his experience as an Army Medic, Registered Nurse and Combat Medic in the National Guard to offer rescue assistance in and around the Virgin Islands. Plus this guy’s energy and demeanor is just plain FUN!
Captain Thomas “Tom” BrownOperations Manager Virgin ISlands

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Share with Your Friends, Family & Co-Workers! After all... its Your Adventure! Plus Get FREE Prizes and Upgrades!

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Whether Parasailing represents a tick of your Bucket list or simply an exciting adventure we can capture those memories with a variety of photographs tailored to Your Fun. Book Now!